smelly flower (xianghua), fake

I uploaded photos of hair being cut on my Facebook, and all my friends thought I had actually cut my hair. Since I'm wearing 2 different costumes with different hairstyles, I can't! (My hair isn't even brown right now anyway...)

I ordered 2 cheap wigs from eBay, the longest dark brown wigs I could find with bangs.

Yes, that little ducky is holding a toothbrush :)

I stopped by Hollywood Wigs on Hollywood Blvd (my favorite wig place) and picked up wig heads--$6 each!

I spent no more than $15 on this wig--combs included. I bought a basic comb set at Rite Aid for about $3, and just used a household scissor to cut the layers. The ribbon in the hair was leftover from the socks, and the gold trim leftover from the choker.

This concludes the Xianghua costume, please check back July 7th for photos! I've already gotten started on my Zephie costume, so I am excited to share the progress on it!


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see, its at this point you just want to see the full outfit put together. which--- by this time, denise--- i assume you've done so, at least once?