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The new project I mentioned briefly in yesterday's post is surely not such a huge secret to you, my dear readers.

Last October, I replicated a Lady GaGa outfit from scratch and outlined the process on this blog, and never did a "proper" photoshoot for it. As I brainstormed ideas for a photoshoot that would be interesting and distinct, I thought of presenting the costume in a series of "everyday" shots (I kept in mind that Lady GaGa dressed in costume 24/7). I pitched the idea to my friend Mike about it, wondering if it would seem "interesting", and he suggested that it might be MORE interesting to actually take photos everyday, of seemingly mundane activities that every regular Joe and Jane has to partake in--chores and whatnot. This turned into a discussion on making a website, the title and the numerous activities I would participate in.

I was fortunate that Josh, the photographer from my lingerie shoot back in December, was willing to shoot the first set of photos for me. I had started planning this back in January of this year, and Josh joined me in March. We spent a few months corresponding back and forth via email on activities we wanted "Everyday GaGa" to do.

Finally, after months of working discreetly on this project, and poking around the web to make sure no one else had done something like this yet, I was happy to unveil my latest project, Everyday GaGa, last Tuesday, June 1st.

Just one day in the life of GaGa

The site is updated everyday, at a different time everyday, to correspond with the activity of the day.

You can follow the site on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/everydaygaga

On another note, since my costume-making and Everyday GaGa have now sucked up the remainder of my life, I will no longer be updating the TUMBLR. I simply do not have the time to properly post on it anymore, and I'm not the type of person who likes to half-ass anything. It's 110% effort from me, or 0%, so while the tumblr will still exist, there will no longer be any updates.


WendyB said...

Amazing work! I'm going to follow you for sure.

SheWearSheShares said...

shits crazy! love it!