black & gold - booty tang

Ok, I don't know what it is with the characters I choose that prefer to wear booty shorts borderlining on diapers for strippers. In any case, I get to make a huuuuuge sword with this cosplay and crazy knee-armor-shoes.

I had planned on making Dead Master for a while--if you've been reading my blog since mid-2010 you know this. I drafted patterns and bought fabric for it. But somehow a conversation with some friends turned into--"OKAY I'LL DO BLACK GOLD SAW YOU CAN BE DEAD MASTER AND YOU'RE GONNA WEAR BLACK ROCK SHOOTER, RIGHT? KEWL." So here I am sewing a pair of PVC booty shorts. I altered my Xianghua fancy diaper pattern to draft the pattern for this pair of shorts. This is NOT stretch PVC, by the way, it has a little bit of stretch but it is not 4-way stretch PVC. I sewed the PVC in the same way I sewed the Mystique PVC--with some pattern paper sandwiched between my sewing machine foot and PVC fabric. I fit this pair of shorts a couple times because firstly there is nowhere for me to hide the zipper (belt loops galore), and I needed the shorts to stay on for at least a few hours. Luckily I have a belt to help with this, but the shorts themselves are pretty damn fitted around my hips. I topstitched some belt loops--yeah I topstitched each and every belt loop because I had topstitched the hem of the shorts already. I thought these details would enhance the costume--maybe make it look "less" costume-y? Does that make sense? Anyways, these shorts were one of the easier parts of this cosplay, even though they still took me a good amount of time to make.

Scrap pattern paper for sewing PVC
This is why you can not mess up on PVC--holes forever.

For the weird silver part above BGS's crotch area, I decided to use a zipper with very large teeth because this part was logically the fly, to me. I ordered a zipper from orgXIII - #20 gauge, in white. I sprayed this with primer, then spray painted it metallic silver. I wasn't using the zipper pull so I only used 6" of this zipper in total for its teeth. 
Hands down the most expensive vanity zipper ever.
Belt loops
I realize that PVC does not photograph very well in the middle of the night. 

I found that it was very helpful to use blue painter's tape to secure some of the seams because you obviously cannot use pins on PVC. It's not the greatest temporary adhesive but it doesn't leave a residue.


calla said...

i like you in diaper bottoms. keep making and wearing them, please. swords are good, too.

Alice Li said...

My friend introduced me to the teflon sewing foot, which will not stick to pvc and rip it apart while you sew. I haven't actually used it yet but this eliminates the need for the pattern paper, which annoys me with the residue it leaves.

I love the zipper you used!