wind wizardry (zephie), baby got back

I realized I have a tendency to choose costumes with surprise back details. Like, the last costume I did had me painting for 5 hours straight. This one requires painting as well, but also some randomly shaped pieces and a lot of bias binding.

I mocked out how the patterns/pieces would overlap as I sketched the pattern out. I was kind of running out of time on this one so I just eyed everything according to the screenshot... yes, I'm working off this tiny, 450px by 450px screencap... ha, ha... I made a few measurements to maintain the correct proportion. There are 4 pieces that I used poly organza in fuschia for, and the rest of the pieces I used the same stretch twill as the center front bodice.

I wanted the organza to have a shimmery, dip-dyed effect--from violet to fuschia. Well, that did not happen at all when I dyed it. I used RIT liquid dye. I think I should have used iDye Poly for this one....I used the airbrush instead and touched up the edges. I pinked the edges this time to change up the look. I let the airbrush dry and then painted the white details--using Neopaque acrylic paint and Jacquard acrylic paint in Pearlescent White to add some shine.

Blurry goodness.

The twill pieces were all bound off with self-binding. All these pieces needed to be painted...

I hadn't realized how long everything took me until it was 4am.

Due to the shape of these pieces (won't lay flat),
I had to paint it while this piece was pinned on the dressform.

Deer-tree things...

Pinned/half-sewn. Needs to be touched up, still.


chung said...

It's shaping up to look really good!! :o Love seeing everything unfold; thanks for all these progress updates <3

Hanako66 said...

this is insane.. can't wait to see!

Cruz said...

You are so good at cosplay!!