Dear Bryan Lee O'Malley, Thank You For Remembering the Fashionistas

The past few days I have been anticipating and anticipating the release of the FINAL volume of the Scott Pilgrim comic. What? I read American comic books, too? I will read anything that is good! My dad has a large collection of Marvel comic books and I grew up flipping through those.

I didn't breeze through this final volume of Scott Pilgrim right away. I was working on my costume, which I won't finish by Comic-Con anyway. Sigh. Feeling a bit like a failure I decided to finish reading SP6 to make myself feel better. After all, Scott knows all about failing even if he might be in denial about certain moments of his failures... and memories.

I won't spoil anything for you Scott Pilgrim fans. And if you aren't reading Scott Pilgrim I suggest you pick it up and read it NOW. It might change your life. Just saying.

Something I really noticed in this last volume is O'Malley's attention to Envy Adams' fashion this time. I had to do a double-take on her shoes when she first enters volume 6. She's wearing Balmain booties! She's relevant! Thank you for that, Mr. O'Malley. And what's this dress? It's a bandage body-con dress w/ cut-out panels and mesh!

Left image scanned by me; Balmain booties image via net-a-porter.com

L-R: Herve Leger Fall 2010, Balmain Fall 2008; images via style.com

In her 3rd scene, she's wearing a double-breasted poncho--so difficult for any regular person to pull off without looking frumpy--while rocking OTK (over-the-knee) wedge boots with a Camilla Skovgaard-ish sole.

Left image scanned by me, Camilla Skovgaard wedges image via net-a-porter.com

And for her backstage look, she is wearing booties very, very similar to Burberry Prorsum's popular platform bootie from Fall 2009.

Left image scanned by me, Burberry bootie image via style.com

Whether or not these were mere coincidences, I would like to thank Mr. O'Malley for accurately portraying Envy as the rocker babe she's supposed to be.


Stephe said...

u hit the nail on the head.

Ashli said...

Oh man I need to read this. I have to be honest that I have never heard of this comic until they had the release party at Meltdown(saw some people on my FB going) After seeing just this little part of it, I NEED to read this. I really like the art style too. :D

And that sucks that you can't finish in time for Comic-Con. DD: I think it would be better than rushing it and doing not so great though. I've done this before and once the cons over, you just want to throw it away. D: I can't wait to see more progress on it though! ^^