wind wizardry (zephie), accessories assembled part 1

I used my little bit of extra time to add more details to the accessories. A lot of this may seem time-consuming, and it really is, but it's strangely a stress-reliever and I get to use my noodle-noggin to think "out of the box", to figure out how to replicate the 2D concept into a tangible object. I think it's kind of exciting. Ok, who am I kidding, I think it's insanely exciting which is part of the reason I cosplay. Anyway, digressing here again so I'll explain my processes through photos again:

1. That weird bust piece...
(reference photo)

After looking at the screencaptures again I realized I probably shouldn't miss out on this detail because I have this extra time to add it into the costume. I wanted this weird piece to "stick out" and be stable, so I used some craft wire twisted into the appropriate shape.

I cut an 1/4" width strip of muslin, applied glue onto the wire and wrapped the wire in muslin.

I cut leaf shapes from the muslin as well, leaving LONG stems to wrap
around the wire (also glued).

I then tacked this piece to the weird bust piece.

2. Weird bag .... thing attached to belt

Firstly I realize I didn't take enough progress photos of this, but I literally just made a mini bag. The red is a thick and sturdy canvas, the "flap" is canvas with a shiny twill face. The oblong shape in the middle was cut out and the little circles were painted. The cord was zig-zag stitched.

I used dome studs to attach these teardrop shapes onto the side of the "bag".
I sewed the flap to the back as well.

I had cut holes at the sides for the rope to go through.
There is also a hole at the bottom where I attached pipe tubing.

I ended up buying a ton of supplies from Home Depot.
Let me tell you, that is not the place to be when you're a young Asian girl by herself. No bueno.


Neoqueenhoneybee said...

Lol, I love how HTK designs things that don't quite make sense and it is left up to us poor cosplayers to figure out what to do with them...or in some cases...where to attach them!

jubi said...

Can you make my wedding dress in 20 years? :D