wind wizardry (zephie), flipped out

As the Xianghua wig required zero wig styling techniques, Zephie's hair required me to do some research in curling synthetic wigs.

Luckily, Zephie's hair is not very complicated, so the flipped out curls did not have to perfectly even or even the same size.

I started with a long, dark brown wig.

I used a regular scissor to cut the layers, cutting at an angle to keep the hair looking natural. (Zephie's hair has 2 main layers--a short one, then a few long strands at the back)

A liberal amount of hairspray was used at the bangs to separate the sections.

For the short layer, I used a large barrel curling iron, which I had to turn on, then turn off once it was heated as the lowest heat setting was still too hot for the synthetic fibers. I wet the piece of hair I was curling, and clamping it in the iron, rolled it towards the scalp. I held it in place for about 20 seconds. If the hair sticks to the iron, you know the fibers have melted :\

I wrapped the curl around a toilet paper roll (I didn't have large rollers) and bobby-pinned it in place. I kept each curl around the roll for about 1 minute.

Keep in mind this is NOT the best way to curl hair, but I just used what I had, and watched a few video tutorials online. When I figure out a more efficient way I will explain in further detail or post a video.


Andrew Jen said...

A new use for toilet paper rolls :P Denise Kuan, master of cosplay ingenuity!

Earl said...

You have to make best use of the things around you anyway. There's nothing bad if you use toilet paper as large curlers. In fact, I've done that one time on one of my sister's Aspen wigs. I even tried it again on one of her Beverly Johnson wigs. Even though it's not the best method of curling wigs, I had to use what I have.