wind wizardry (zephie), to be continued

To my lovely readers, I will probably not be updating very much this week as I am scrambling to finish this costume. The rest of the how-to posts I will write-up next week--right now I am just trying to finish as much as possible before I leave for San Diego on Thursday night!!!

I've updated the COSTUMES detail page with Zephie's details, including a banner for the Xianghua costume if you haven't seen it already.

Here I go again with just a teaser of my weekend's progress~!

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jeni said...

just happened to stumble across your blog and i absolutely LOVE your meticulous attention to detail. i was also thinking of doing a zephie cosplay and was looking for a reference shot of the back of her costume (its so hard to find) since i've never actually been able to play the game i have no idea what it looks like.

was wondering if you had any pictures that you might be willing to share?

email: peachpop@gmail.com

i would appreciate it so much! thanks!