smelly flower (xianghua), jaketto

As mentioned in the previous post, I'm not a fan of scalloped edges. And as I mentioned also, there are pretty much only scalloped edges in this costume... especially on the jacket. Sigh.

(the front scallops haven't been cut yet)

I didn't realize that it took me an hour to do the scalloping on one sleeve (cutting, ironing, pinning, more ironing...), and it wasn't exactly perfect for me. I now felt a little intimidated by the front edges of the jacket, because the scallops are so fine and the shapes, a little more irregular.

Luckily, I found this at the fabric store!!!

Thank you Aleene, again, you have made my life easier. No fray glue! So what if it took me an hour to cut the scalloped edges? I don't have to bind them. I would rather apply this glue to my raw edge any day than bind off these edges!

Though, it is too bad I didn't pick up this glue before I singed the edges from my chiffon overlay.


calla said...

thank you, denise. i always learn something new from your posts. =]

Ken said...

u are gonna get so much attention~!

Anonymous said...

This is so good; I really like the colors you chose.