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I am finally back from my brief vacation in New York and San Francisco, and although I did miss sitting my lazy ass in front of a computer everyday, it was nice to explore areas outside of Los Angeles again, especially in New York, where I got to experience WINTER.

While in New York, I ended up going to the Barneys Warehouse Sale with Deanne of Dream Sequins, and though it was the last day of the sale, I was super fortunate to score something that has been on my list for a while--gold Givenchy cowboy boots. I don't know if anybody even remembers this boots, but they were from the Spring 2009 Resort collection.

images via style.com

Worn with Helmut Lang blazer, Zara sleeveless shirt, vintage hat, H&M leggings

I have to admit they are a little gawdy, very costume-y, and unfortunately none of my costumes this year include a gold Cowboy boot. Walking around in these boots in San Francisco, my friend rolled her eyes as every other person stared at my boots and asked where I got them. For a while I felt like I was a superhero who forgot to take off my boots as I headed off to run my errands for the day--like a superhero in a really flashy getup.

L-R: The Flash, rocking yellow boots, image via collider.com,
Wonder Woman, in her shiny red boots, image via allmovieposters.com

Sailor Moon (center) and Sailor Mercury (left of center) in color-coordinated boots
image via zianet.com

L-R: Thor, image via forbiddenplanet.co.uk,
Givenchy RTW Fall 2007, Gucci RTW Spring 2010

Givenchy Haute Couture Spring 2008
(all runway images via style.com)

L-R: Storm (new), image via desktopnexus.com,
intricately carved white boots from Magna Carta 2

Speaking of superheroes and fashion, who can forget that May 2008 Vogue shoot w/ Coco Rocha in custom Superhero-inspired getups? Here's one by Rick Owens, inspired by Batman...

image via stylefrizz.com

And also, when it comes to "gold", I can't help but think of that hilarious Monex skit from SNL with the ever-so-hilarious Kristen Wiig... now if only the video existed on the internet...


Ken said...

Those golden Givenchy boots are insane! <3

WendyB said...

I LOVE those boots. I had a craving for gold boots a while ago but never found any that fit the bill.

CRHEE said...

soo good! So sad I missed out on the Givenchy frenzy at the Barneys Warehouse sale.

calla said...

now you've got a pair of low-heeled boots to add to your mostly five-inch heeled shoe collection. =D

i never would have expected you to own a pair of gold boots. it's interesting.

i can hardly see your hairstyle, but it looks pretty good from what i can see. =]

Dream Sequins said...

OOOOH. More shots of the boots, please!!

Viagra said...

What a difference between both women in the first photo, I prefer the white one because she's my girl style.