for the boys

Thank you everyone for your generous comments on my most recent post concerning my long-time fondness for Japanese anime and manga!

I was well aware that I only covered womens' clothing, and I did want to talk a little about the mens' fashion too, but it was 4am when I finished posting and I still have to wake up for work, so...

No worries, boys! I did not forget about you guys!

I have many, many favorite shounen characters, a lot of them being CLAMP characters (once again), but only because CLAMP designs their characters to be otherworldly attractive :\

The original vampire badass, Alucard (from Hellsing). If you were walking down the street in this sort of garb though, I would naturally want to avoid you.

Left: Alucard; Right: John Galliano Spring 2010

Another trench coat-wearing ass-kicker, Vash the Stampede (from Trigun).

Left: Vash; Right: Gareth Pugh Spring 2010

And who can leave out the guys from X? CLAMP's proportions make everyone look like a model.

Left: X/1999; Right: Songzio Spring 2010

Proportions, borrowed from CLAMP:

Left: X/1999; Right: Dries Van Noten Fall 2006
**all runway images via gq.com**

And just one last reference for kicks...

Left: X/1999; Right: Adam Lambert
(Adam's image via tvtropes.org)


Cruz said...

You have such an eye for these! I'm staring at my Trigun #1 now and totally agree with you haha! :)

Mike said...

This is really amazing!

Champagne said...

If only...if only half of these men were real. ;_;

j said...

kenshin! though his clothing was not exactly fashion-forward, there was an attractive simplicity to them. and his pretty hair ribbon. his fiery-red hair and x scar were pretty sexy, too. xD the reverse blade would be a pretty hardcore accessory.