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Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my costume. It was an epic journey full of trials and many errors, mostly pertaining to PROCRASTINATION.

I'm going to break down the costs of everything later tonight when I dig up all the receipts, but I'm sure I didn't spend more than $100 on this crazy thing, just a lot of time and hair-pulling (priceless).

I've been meaning to write about Little Dragon for a while now; the vocalist has one of the most distinct and interesting voices in music today: Yukimi Nagano, Swedish-Japanese electronica artist.

Image via musicismysanctuary.com

She started out providing guest vocals for Koop, a Swedish electronic jazz duo (more great music).

This eventually led to the founding of Little Dragon, which she formed with her friends from high school....below, an excerpt from the official Little Dragon site:

It was the mid-nineties ,Yukimi was 14 , Fredrik and Erik were 16 when they met for the first time at name of the high school,Gothenburg.

They started hanging out together and very soon all 3 began playing in a band called "Ava".
After graduating from highschool every one tried to survive as musicians with side jobs in cafes, liquor stores, videostores, music shops, truck driving,selling strawberries, taxi driving and much much more.

The background music on the website is already amazing itself, without question. Even if you aren't a fan of electronica music, Little Dragon is worth listening to in that they aren't exactly the electronica you are probably expecting... it's jazzy, smooth, ambient and at time, funky and moody. I can't say much else about this great band... just listen for yourself.

Looking Glass, from their latest album,"Machine Dreams" (2009)

Place to Belong, from their debut album, "Little Dragon" (2007)

Come to Me, featuring Yukimi's vocals with Koop


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you spend only under $100 on that thing? WOW.

thank you for introducing me to Little Dragon. Yukimi is so distinctive.

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are u gonna see them at the el rey?