lady gaga in west hollywood

Well, here's a teaser from me strolling around in West Hollywood posing as Lady Gaga, with other Lady Gaga's....

Got my fortune told...

but most importantly, I found Elmo!

This girl said she was dressed as Lady Gaga's #1 fan...

Tranny make-up?:
(the only things I actually went out to purchase are the powder and eyelashes):
Brushes: NARS eyeliner brush, Sephora refillable powder brush, Sephora blush brush,
Chanel eyeshadow brush, Chanel eyeliner brush, Sephora lip brush
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion
Foundation: Laura Mercier (not pictured)
Loose Powder: bare minerals
Eyemakeup Primer: Urban Decay
Blush: Nars Mata Hari
Mascara: Chanel Inimitable
Eyeshadows: DiorShow 5-color Iridescent Shadow, Nars Duo in Pandora
Eyelashes: Hollywood Wigs
Nail Polish: Rimmel 60secs in Delicious Dark, Rimmel Top Coat

"Official" full body pictures to come tomorrow evening, check back later!


Quan said...

HAHAHAHA tranny makeup! it looks great! the costume turned out amazing!!!!!!!!! all that hard work for 1 night, you better save that for her concert in LA! she plays 3 nights in LA in Dec. get on them tix!


I'm so impressed by your costume; looks precise.

Zara_K said...

Your GaGa oufit is AMAZING (by far the best out all the others!) well worth the 80 hours i say!

j said...

you didn't mention where you purchased the wig.

the outfit looks really good. too bad i couldn't see it in person. D=

Jewel said...

LOOKS AMAZING!!! Great job and all the details definitely show how much time & effort you put into this. Looks like you had a blast :D

Bobbin Talk said...

LOL! Great costume shots!!!

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

I'm dying right now. Even more amazing than I could have possibly anticipated. You trump every other Gaga, even though I love seeing your pictures with them--I saw quite a few myself!


WendyB said...

Great job!