gaga for gaga: final days

Well, this costume did take a lot more out of me than I thought... I woke up with an eye infection yesterday and had to sleep for most of the day, skipping out on work and such... :(

Anyhow I did manage to finish my costume... I leave you here with some teasers...


Using the good old glue gun again.

Unfortunately the glue gun also leaves a bunch of scraggly residue that must be picked off.


calla said...

good economical decision. =P

gluing that must've been exhausting.

David said...

fierce child, major fierce!

La Chauve-Souris said...

this looks amazing wanna see the final ending of this

Zara_K said...

Your GaGa oufit is AMAZING (by far the best out all the others!) well worth the 80 hours i say!