I'm only happy when it rains

(image from shirley-manson.org)

I've recently been on a rock binge, and was talking to Mike earlier tonight about one of my favorite bands, ever, Garbage. They've since disbanded, but growing up, Shirley Manson was, in my opinion, an icon. I can't think of another red-headed badass (ok fine, Tori Amos) fronting a rock band. (Shirley is the OG, Paramore's Hayley is still badass though)

I remember the first time I chopped my long, long hair (donated 13" to be made into a wig) was a haircut inspired by Shirley.

There are many, many "iconic" rock bands out there with equally "iconic" female vocalists, but Garbage has always been underrated... it truly is surprising how "current" their music still sounds, to this day.

1995 - "Garbage"

1998 - "Version 2.0"

2002 - "beautifulgarbage"

2005 - "Bleed Like Me"

2007 - "Absolute Garbage"


Meme said...

LOVE garbage. The Trick is to Keep Breathing is one of my all time favs!

lei ann said...

soooo true on how their music is always current! i still have version 2.0 in constant rotation :) did you watch shirley manson on the terminator: sarah connor chronicles? i was so sad when it was canceled. i miss seeing shirley's awesome, hard to replicate style every week :(