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I don't know why I haven't posted about Digitalism before. They're brilliant. I know I've tweeted about them 6 million and a half times, but every time I listen to their album, "Idealism", I'm hooked onto a new song. If I truly were a space creature (as my boss states that I must be), Digitalism's album takes me back to my home planet.

My boss finally IS hiring someone for the production department. On the downside she is younger than me (only by a tad bit. Maybe.) So I have to train her. This is a weird responsibility I am not sure I want to have, as much as it makes me feel powerful and would nurture my ego. I basically had a crash course in production; I've been doing it for the past 3 weeks... but I'm not a pro at it. Far from it. I'm still figuring things out. I'm also still working on stuff. Therefore should probably not be blogging, but I'm seeing it as a nice break from reading Excel worksheets all day.

But let's talk about style icons for a little. Maybe I haven't surfed enough blogs or rummaged through enough blog archives, but has anyone ever noticed Sharon Stone's wardrobe in "Basic Instinct"??

I re-watched the movie in its entirety a few weeks ago. And then did a little bit of research.

"In the first scene of Basic Instinct, [Sharon Stone's] white dress took me completely by surprise," Verhoeven said. "When Ellen [Mirojnick, costume designer] said to me, 'she's in white,' I said, 'in white?' But ultimately it was a great touch. That's what I thought was courageous, to go completely in a direction that I had not foreseen. If you start to know the people you work with, then you become confident that even if you disagree they might be right." - from DGA Magazine

If you think about it, there is a subtle contrast between Sharon's character and Jeanne Tripplehorn's character, Elisabeth Garner. Catherine's clothing palette comprises of nudes and whites, while Elisabeth is swathed mostly in darker earth tones of browns. Even the makeup was carefully thought out: Catherine was blonde and wore nude lips; Elisabeth was brunette with strong wine-red lips.

I'm surprised nobody has really documented Catherine's costume changes throughout the movie, maybe they weren't that significant but they definitely were important in creating the character.

White typically symbolizes truth and purity (archetypes in literature/media), which was interesting because Catherine was a seemingly deceptive character who the viewer never really figures out, even at the end.

But of course, aside from all that analytical BS I've typed above, what I really meant to say is: Sharon Stone makes wearing neutrals so bad-ass.

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