The Obvious Invisible Woman

This post is titled as such because this cosplay is of the Invisible Woman but my bodysuit was so shiny, I was anything BUT invisible....

^If this is your photo let me know so I can link you!

This was a last minute cosplay I made for Anime Expo 2012 because I didn't finish Black Gold Saw and my Natsu armor didn't work out :( To me, there's a big difference when you cosplay at a con and when you don't, so even though I had 2-3 days to figure out something quick to make, I was up to the challenge. I'd always been a fan of the Kotobukiya Bishoujo figures (I did make the Mystique cosplay based on Shunya's design), and bodysuits are easy for me to make. I finally decided on their rendition of the Invisible Woman because DESPITE THE JESSICA ALBA INTERPRETATION OF SUE STORM, Invisible Woman was one of the first and most important super heroines in Marvel's universe and I haven't seen many cosplays of her. I also already had the black stretch PVC fabric so all I had to do was find the blue fabric, shoes and a wig.

I drafted a quick pattern without side seams -- her bodysuit has a center front seam, center back seam and princess seams. For the yoke, I used the yoke pattern from my Natsu pattern because it was the exact same shape. I made the belt based on a curved waistband pattern from my skirt block, in order for the belt to fit along the contours of my hips -- if I had cut/sewn a rectangle, the belt would not fit as nicely. I was extremely short on time so I actually cut pieces of PVC for my emblem.. and used tacky glue to affix the patch onto my suit.

I made a simple pair of gloves by tracing my hand (don't do this) and adding 1/8" seam allowance to the fingers. I am terrible at sewing gloves and terrible at drafting patterns for gloves so I'll probably write a more informative method on making gloves at a later time when I have more practice!

I was fortunate enough to find the wig I was looking for; all I needed to do was style the bangs. I bought the boots from Maya Shoes on Hollywood Blvd. They are extremely comfortable despite how painful they look.

I had a ton of fun wearing this cosplay, and it was the MOST COMFORTABLE cosplay I have ever worn in my life so far, despite the fact I had to strip down to my knees to use the restroom. Oh, cosplay.

^tiny me


Faschingskostüme said...

This costume play looks great. You look so sexy in this costume. Keep posting more photos of any costumes you have.

Surine said...

That look absolutely epic! I love the fabric you chose and the colour of it. Of course it doesn't hurt you have an amazing body to carry a costume like that! \(^^)/

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