Calamity Kid

....I guess I got a little bit distracted from making cosplay.... all started when I caught up with a friend who suggested I play "Bastion". I was still busy trying to finish Arkham City at the time so I stuck Bastion on the backburner. About a month later I was browsing the xbox Marketplace and was interested in seeing what demos were out. I remembered "Bastion", and downloaded the demo. I played the demo for about 2 mins; after listening to the narration and the music, I was completely hooked and added Microsoft points to purchase the game. This was a Wednesday night. I finished the game on Friday night. And here I am making a Munny of the Kid.

I consider this a "healthy" tangent because hey! I get to practice my ...sculpting. Especially since I've never used Super Sculpey before, and I expected customizing my Munny to be incredibly hard. It actually was not as hard as I thought it was, but I didn't take any progress photos because I was too busy trying to figure out how to work w/ the Sculpey. I can tell you how I made the hair though--using a pair of embroidery scissors! Don't do that. I have a very expensive pair =_=. If you have anything with a very sharp tip--even cheap beard trimmers or a CHEAP pair of embroidery scissors, you can use those. Well, I have no regrets. "Cutting" into the sculpey (I cut "V" shapes) made the hair process so much easier. I did use my sculpting tools to smooth out and touch up each tuft of hair though. I used smaller "V" shapes as I got closer to his hairline at the back.

In hindsight I should have used actual gauze for his bandaged hand (for a better effect), but... if I ever decide to make another Munny of the Kid, I'll be sure to do so.

Because I sculpted directly onto my Munny, I didn't feel safe baking it in the oven. I did some research and it seemed like boiling was a good option even though people have stated that boiling doesn't fully "cure" the sculpey. That may be true but it was no longer soft for me after all the boiling I did (for the small pieces I boiled them for about 20-30 minutes, look at the Kid do the backstroke! I boiled him for a little over an hour). Maybe if it deteriorates after 5 years I'll write a follow-up blog post then.

I sanded down some of the rough edges, broken edges (there were a few) after the sculpey had cured. I sanded for quite a while--3 hours, or so.... Had to touch up some of the hair with air-drying clay. I used Activa la doll Premier lightweight stone clay. Really soft and easy to use, dries pretty quickly compared to DAS clay (what I usually use).

I used acrylic paint for this kid. I painted all the surfaces white before applying any of the colors.

For the tips of the hair I used an airbrush for this effect; very subtle but gives the hair more depth.

I also "weathered" his armor--it makes a big difference even though these pieces are all really small. I used a small piece of paper towel tipped in some black paint, and wiped it quickly across the armor.

^Before weathering
^After weathering

For the final touches I cut a piece of red cotton fabric for his bandanna and some ribbon for the gear on his back.

Aaaaaand being the obsessive fan that I am, I went and painted the whole damn Munny box as well. I uh... guess I got a bit carried away with this project T_T

Pay no attention to the parts of another Munny in the background...T_T

Full view on deviantArt


Alice Li said...

Wowwww so cute!! And so much patience lol. xD Great job on this project!

This is my blog: http://alicedrawing.blogspot.com

- Alice

Marie Lo said...

pshhhhHhh. u did this on ur lunch break too, right?


lol jk. awesome work girl!

Jen Zee said...

WOW! This is so awesome!!!!!! I hope you don't mind if I share on twitterrr <3! What an amazing tribute to Bastion :). I feel warm and fuzzy ;D!!!!!

batchix said...

Awesome job! The hair turned out really well! <3

based on your concerns about durability and useability, i'd recommend you try Aves Apoxie Sculpt sometime. I use it for doll making and it's a non-bake clay that hardens through chemical reaction. It sands really easily, is very hard when set, takes paint well, non-toxic, blah blah blah.

Lukas said...

Jen Zee's tweet about this got retweeted by fucking Supergiant Games! This is awesome.

donpyr said...

Will you ever make the Kid in more copys to be sold? if so contact me cus I want one :D


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It's sooo cute!!!!Really amazing!You did a great job!