tales from the orient, another alice (3)

Here's a quick post on how I made the Omega necklace for this particular Alice:Madness Returns outfit. After staring at reference image after reference image, I realized the string of the necklace wasn't a flimsy string--it was wired, round. To make things easier for myself I bought a wired jewelry choker for $2. I wrapped the wire with embroidery floss, applying tacky glue onto the wire as I wrapped the floss tightly around.

For the pendant, I used DAS clay and sculpted the Omega. Before drying, I cut a piece of craft wire and created the loop for the pendant. I let the sculpt dry and sanded the surface smooth. I painted the first layer of green using the Jacquard fabric paints I always use--I already have a ton of paint and these have a metallic finish that I really like. I let that dry, then brushed my shimmering white Jacquard paint over the entire pendant, quickly wiping away with a dry towel. I added some teal accents (you can't really see it though), let that dry as well.

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