blue shapeshifter - skulltastic

I did not finish the skull belt in time for Halloween (ran out of skulls at the last minute) but I can wear it on another occasion now that it is completed :)! Luckily I live close to a Halloween supplies store so I bought 3 bags of skulls. 2 bags of 3-1/2" tall skulls and 1 bag of 1-1/2" tall skulls. I only needed 1 small skull for the wig, so I just have a bag of skulls casually sitting around in my house. Yeup.

The skulls I bought were on a string, they were basically hot-glue-gunned at the top (there was a hole at the top of each skull), and you could see around the hole, the extra plastic that came out of the mold, which I had to cut off with an x-acto knife. I wanted the skulls to be more white, less yellow, so I sprayed all of them with primer, then touching them up with an airbrush in a dark grey color--then finished with a clear gloss.


I knew I wanted the belt to close with a clasp of some sort, so I chose to use a round clasp similar to one you would use for a necklace. I punched using an awl on the sides of each skull and strung a piece of craft wire through.

Fun times...

For the tiny skull on Mystique's hair, I simply hot-glue-gunned it as close to the lace-front as possible. Tacky glue will NOT work. I wore this in a club for a couple hours and this skull stayed put!

I did curl the wig a bit because it was a little too flat when I bought it.

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Ana Tiki said...

Did you have to do anything to the wig to curl it other than put the rollers on it, like heat, hairspray, water, etc?
What kind of body paint are you using? It looks like it went on very evenly.

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