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The final part of this costume (not including the Omega pendant) was the top hat. I really didn't have time to search for a top hat exactly like the one in the reference image, and I also kinda wanted to try making my own hat. Yes, that is my logic--no time to find one to modify so I'll make one from scratch.

I did some research on how to make hats, and stumbled upon Fosshape. There's a pretty good fosshape tutorial on cosplaysupplies.com, but I think you're really going to need to just experiment via trial and error, which I expect to do more of when I make the Clockwork Bunny.

Fosshape is sold by the yard, it's basically fabric. I bought 2 yards because I figured--trial and error. I drafted a hat pattern based on an existing hat I had--just for the head circumference, really. In hindsight I would have added at LEAST an extra 1/2" to all the sides because fosshape shrinks a LITTLE when steamed. I also should not have used a regular seam to join the hat piece together, it was very bulky. I will try a lapped stitch next time (sewing one side directly on top of the other).

I made a hat base in the most last-minute (aka "ghetto") way possible--I used a roll of paper towels and wrapped it in layers of paper and cardboard. This was the exact shape of my top hat, wider at the top. My sewn fosshape piece fit perfectly over it. I cut out a circle for the top part of the hat. In hindsight I should have hand sewn the top of the hat to the sides, not done this after I steamed everything because all the edges shrank about 1/4"-3/8".

This is where the magic began--because making cosplay is magic?! Yes, it is. After you steam the fosshape (you NEED to use a steamer, do not even use an iron to steam it), it becomes stiff! Very very cool. I steamed the brim along a curved edge to get the sides to flip up.

I then sewed the steamed pieces together by hand as you can see in this photo below. Always remember to clip your edges when sewing round surfaces.

I also cut fosshape pieces for the ears to give them structure. I forgot to take a picture but I used the same pattern as I did for the ears.

For the ears I used the faux fur from the paws, and I bought a chenille fabric for the insides of the ears. Stuck the fosshape inside. Done.

How I "colored" my hat is a big no-no. Do not do it this way. It will smell and look fug on the surface. I didn't have time to dye the hat so I spray-painted it. I used primer, and this caused the "hairs" of the fosshape to raise a little, so my surface was no longer "flat". Anyway, I sprayed about 2 coats of primer and then sprayed the entire hat black.

I cut the "ribbon" from the same corduroy as the jacket, and glued that to the hat. I hand sewed the ears to the brim, and tacked the ears to the top of the hat because I didn't steam my fosshape enough to make the ears stand upright on their own. Fail.

This was a decent amount of work and I should have started earlier so I could make a more beautiful hat :[

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