wind wizardry (zephie), ANIME EXPO RECAP

Photo by Shun Kim

I'm aware that I haven't updated you guys on the rest of my Zephie cosplay but it has been insane leading up to the debut on Saturday, July 2nd at Anime Expo. I was rushing to finish up my 2nd school uniform the day prior (I wore Haruhi on Friday, July 1st) so I was going crazy and pulling late nights again, heh.

This year was exceptionally special for this particular cosplay, as well as just this year in general because I got to debut my Zephie cosplay with the SUPERAWESOME VAMPY during her Crunchyroll live stream segment on Saturday!! Eternally grateful for finding me among the pits of Twitter. Or something like that. Anyway, it was great to meet her and just nerd out about cosplay and games during my short interview--I also made some new friends at the booth so it was a pretty damn good day.

I also met up with Ted / Spooky-epiic who cosplayed as Raud at FanimeCon but I did not wear Zephie to that convention so luckily he found me again and we met up on Saturday morning and shot some photos together! Seriously why are there no MC/WoG cosplayers down in SoCal? We can do an epic photoshoot, you guys...

So without anymore rambling.... I finally give you... my Zephie cosplay. I do have to remake the shoes and some accessories as I realized the clay was too fucking heavy and the insulation foam has zero support. Fail.

With Ted as Raud! Photo by Shun Kim

With Ted as Raud! Photo by Shun Kim

With Vampy as Reika from Gantz! Photo by Shun Kim

We look at my destroyed shoes :( Photo by JB Ong

Talking w/ AnimeConji afterwards

Vampy before our interviews, cool people galore.

I'm doing the photoshoot at the end of the month with my dad again, who finally returned from his 6-month long business trip, but until then I have more costumes to finish! Eekkkkkk!

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