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Fresh off my adrenaline rush post-Anime Expo, I had to tackle a mini project for thinkgeek.com's mascot Timmy, as part of his Volunteer Costuming Corps!

I signed up to do this in May but knowing me I didn't make the costume until the day I had to ship out the package (I also sent it next day air ...-_-")

Anyway, here's the quick rundown on this mini Octorok costume (it's barely 7" tall) that simply slips on over Timmy's body. I literally finished this costume in a little over 2 hours so I didn't really have time to document the process, sorry! Still wanted to share with everyone though as this was fun :)

Of course with all my costumes I start out with a sketch of some sort where I plan the pattern pieces/seamlines/etc. I actually had this octopus plush to help me with the shaping.

Weird pattern pieces!

These just look like mini stockings.... cut from fleece. The cashier at Jo-Ann's asked me if I was making a blanket. I said I was making a costume for a stuffed animal. I heard crickets even though she said "Oh... that's.... nice..." :[ I am 24 years old this year. :[

After sewing the tentacles I stuffed them with polyester batting.
The white fabric was leftover twill from an old project. Looks like a beanie doesn't it?

I tried that. Lol.
I don't have roommates. I can get away with this.

For the snout I used a toilet paper roll. Heh. I painted the eyes because I didn't have any more time :( But here are the 2 octopi side by side :D

Here's a side view. I hand-sewed the tentacles to the body.

No more happy octopus.

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this is cute. :D