eternal boredom (haruhi suzumiya), HARUHI part 1

(as if I really even need to write an introduction for Haruhi Suzumiya!!)

So... I've been gone for a LONG TIME. This is partly because I started up a new blog (that I now update twice weekly), and my day job hours have increased by about 5 hours. Leaves little time for blogging on cosplay progress. But I've been working on things here and there, and this is one costume I was working on, then got distracted, got distracted by some other shiny objects, then came back to.... This costume wasn't too difficult but a few things gave me headaches here and there.

1. Here are the collar piece/cuffs. I will NEVER AGAIN use bias binding as a substitute for TWILL TAPE OR RIBBON. This little bitch kept moving underneath the foot and as a result I had to rip out the seam three times.

Yes. I make mistakes. A ton of them.


Had to pin everything down multiple times.

2. I made the cuff TOO SMALL TO FIT THROUGH MY SEWING MACHINE SO I HAD TO HAND SEW THIS SEAM. :( Oh well. Blind stitch ftw?

3. I don't believe I have ever made a skirt with inverted box pleats before, not even during college. So this was fun.

All of these funky pentagon shapes are used for the pleat backings.
I will write more details in my next post. All of these are overlocked to prevent fraying
since I will be handling the skirt so much during this process.


Jo said...

Could you post more about the pentagonal pleat backings? Skirts like that always look like crap when I make them, no matter how carefully i sew down the pleats, or shape the top.

Did you just ... make the pleats out of more than one piece of fabric? ARe they gores?

Denise said...

Hi Jo--

You have to trim very carefully on all the corners--I reduce my stitch width when I sew corners. It's tedious but worth it, and your edges/corners all end up perfectly sharp. The pleat backings are separate pieces. The skirt is gored.

Hope that helps!