my chest speaks louder than my face

I haven't been blogging as much, yes, but I am working on some things that aren't particularly interesting so I've been holding off on posting. The past 2 months have been crazy anyway, what with my last-minute business trip to China, especially. But costumes aside, some of you know I actually work in the fashion industry and some of my older posts were more fashion-related. I know I haven't posted about my own closet in a while--there's nothing exciting going on it--and probably won't have any exciting new additions. But, I was cleaning my really tiny closet out the other day and found a bag of old t-shirts. Remember when Threadless first debuted and only a few people were buying their shirts? And now the whole freshness of it has kinda faded? Well I bought all these Threadless shirts sometime between that period, moreso towards the beginning of their launch.

So please enjoy the most unfashionable/potentially nerd-tastic post on my blog, ever.

1. Video Games Ruined My Life. Good thing I Have 2 Extra Lives
**Yeup here I am in full nerd mode. You don't exist when I'm like this.

2. Refrigerator Running
** There is something obscenely adorable with putting innocent faces on inanimate objects. Like, toasters and trains. Also, I'm very lame sometimes.

3. Hitch-hiking Godzilla
** How can you not like this t-shirt?!!??!!

4. In the beginning
** No words. This is fucking genius.

5. Honey?

6. In Case of Zombies
** This is me helping you in the event of a Zombie-pocalypse, because I care about you, and we all know a zombie-pocalypse is inevitable. Or an alien invasion. I haven't decided which is more imminent yet.

7. What Do You Mean You Can't See Him?
** Ok, you can see him (A), but this shirt was printed using solar-activated ink, and this monster you see now was previously invisible without sunlight. Then I threw this shirt into the machine wash by accident and now the ink does not work anymore. :( Let's learn from this :(

8. Moby Was a Consumer
** Greedy whale.

9. Mother Nature
** I think this was my first Threadless tee. I still like the graphic on it, sort of.

** Uh... who DOESN'T have this shirt?

11. This isn't from Threadless but it's a Scott Pilgrim tee sporting Scott's signature awkward-teethy-smile so I just have to share it anyways. It's also bright green and matches my fabulous Nixon watch that can't really tell time. I got it from the cool folks at Meltdown Comics in LA.

So what do I do with these shirts now? I pretty much just sleep in them. I happen to be wearing the zombies one to sleep these days, so I guess if you were to be sleeping next to me during a possible zombie-pocalypse (which would have to happen in the next few days) then I think we would be able to make it to the next town with all our limbs still intact.

If you thought this was a geek-tastic post, please head on over to my new group blog, the g-spot. I didn't name the blog, but that's a pretty cool name isn't it?


Ashli said...

Aweeessome!! I have been buying Threadless shirts since like....2006. I have the pink Godzilla shirt too. xD When I was at FIDM, one girl was like "You always have really witty shirts on...it's so cool!" I'm just like "Thanks! And they are comfy too" xD

I want the zombie one so bad. T_T

Ken said...

u hab very nice shirts =]

haha i love that face. someone should put that on a shirt

TheMagMagster said...

Denise! I want your Take Me to Tokyo shirt! They keep getting reprinted, and sold out. ARGH!