the vincent black shadow

Going to concerts, like getting tattoos, can be addictive for the soul. Alright, maybe you might disagree with me on the tattoos activity, but enjoying live music, for me, is so soothing for the soul. I love basking in the world the musician is sharing with me, and how the music invades my ears and pushes the stresses of reality away. That being said, some concerts are so powerful for me that I have to enjoy them twice. There are only a few artists I will bother to see the second time, two of which include The Faint (I've never danced so hard in my life) and The Vincent Black Shadow.

Image via tvbsmusic.com; artwork by Cassandra Ford

The Vincent Black Shadow hail from Vancouver, and I'll have to thank an old coworker for turning me onto them. I guess in a way she provoked me into listening to them, as she said, "Oh. The lead singer is Asian and tiny. Reminded me of you." Unfortunately, I don't sound like Gwen Stefani and I can't pull off dark eyeshadow like TVBS' vocalist, Cassandra Ford.

After listening to "Metro" in 2008, I was hooked. I've been a fan ever since, and I must admit, Cassie's voice is much more powerful than Gwen's, and she spits out a lot more spunk. (Sorry, Gwen, I'm a fan of yours too though!) To add to her vocal prowess, the guitarist is one of the most animated (and skilled) musicians I've ever seen on stage, and he has a great sense of humor. After attending one of their live shows, I could easily see the band's shining chemistry.

"Metro" has a hot chick, monsters and guns. What more can you want?

One of the songs from their last album, "El Monstruo" - Don't Make Me So Mad

It's a shame that such a great band hasn't gotten the recognition they truly deserve, but I'm hoping great things happen for them in the future...!

Image via rockpulse.co.uk

Official site: tvbsmusic.com
On myspace: myspace.com/tvbs

Here I am with Cassie and Rob... (2008)

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j said...

wow, she's even tinier than you. =D

i remember michael and you went to watch the faint. he said that he showered everyone with his sweat while dancing crazy with you. everyone had to make a circle around the two of you. xD