my perfect sweater (maybe a saga)

Remember that S-shaped sweater in the super-thin wool-blended fabric I posted about a few times?

My Perfect Sweater =
Cozy / Thin / Easy to layer / Interesting / Super loose or Slim / Fitted at the sleeves

Here with a Helmut Lang blazer, VPL bra, Current/Elliott jeans and Miu Miu platform sandals

Also, I'm addicted to VPL's lingerie. Seriously, so comfortable. Absolutely no lift whatsoever but when did I ever care about having cleavage? I'm all about the clavicles.

I got these Current/Elliott jeans that were almost too long for me with the zipper (difficult to hem) but I found that wearing it with 6" platforms is helpful, and I'm starting to like wearing the jeans with the zippers completely unzipped (not including the necessary crotch one).


WendyB said...

I've always liked unzipped ankle zippers! Must be from wearing Guess jeans back in the day. We'd have to have them unzipped JUST the right amount.

Allie said...

What would you call that sweaters neckline?

calla said...

yet again, you have managed to introduce me to something that i do not want to desire...vpl lingerie. E>

i like how the cowl neck is big enough to be a hood. it's so old hollywood glamour. xD the material just makes it so different. =]

fran! and magna carta! love.

Denise said...


I cut it in a curved "C" shape, so I can't say it's a cowl, exactly. Probably more of a curved funnel neck?


Why does it seem like so long ago that we were all yearning for GUESS??

Ken said...

i'm in love
it looks slightly like a burka, slightly like Assassin's Creed

Hanako66 said...

that sweater is perfect...ummm so are those shoes!

Quan said...

oh my! make me one! loving the sheerness of it! and that red lips mmmmm!! now I know why I'm gay, I want red lips too!

Anonymous said...

I would love if you could add a tutorial or a pattern for that type of sweater. It is amazing <3 You should think about selling them on a site like etsy because the cut of it is so unique...