Merry Christmas everyone!

Is anyone getting any cool gifts? I have already gifted myself with shoes... and my soon-to-arrive Macbook Pro!

My father lost his job this year because of the recession, so my family won't be doing anything crazy (I'm not really that close with my family anyway...) I bought tickets for us to see Avatar at the IMAX 3D in Irvine... just because my family and I are not gifting each other with anything tangible this year. I feel as you get older, material possessions amount to less in value...

For me, something I prize the most are my magazines; they are hardcopy archives of my favorite fashion moments and inspirations--fuel for my mind and imagination (because I can't show anybody what the ideas in my head look like unless I sketch them out). I feel very fortunate to have the skills I have acquired through the years, and I am so fortunate to have my imagination and curiosity. I think imagination makes life so much more exciting. Of course, you must not neglect reality but I think your dreams make reality much more tolerable.

Even though for us "fashionistas", our wallets and bank accounts cry when we see a new shoe or new jacket that we "must-have", I don't believe that is the greatest thing for fashion to give us--beautiful clothes or accessories.

For me, fashion gives me the ability to dream. In fashion, anything is possible. You can make a dress out of bubbles. You can make shoes that look like lobster claws. You can fold the lapel of a jacket into a crane. You can wear a swan as a dress... I don't believe I will ever stop being fascinated by how a 2D "idea" can be realized into a 3D creation... a creation that can grow and astonish an audience, inspire the next generation and push the boundaries of the mind.

So for this special holiday season, I just wanted to share with you 2 of my favorite collections, that continue to challenge me and leave me with questions.

Viktor & Rolf, Spring 2006 RTW

Christian Dior, Spring 2007 Haute Couture


Ken said...

You can always make your own clothes, like you have before~!

I hope you have a wonderful christmas~!

Cruz said...

I agree with your philosophy, it's about the dream! Great collections, that Dior collection is one of my favorites! Merry Christmas! :D

Quan said...

happy holidays boo! I'm sorry to hear about your dad losing his job, and with the economy, it's so hard for anyone to keep jobs.

of course we must always always always dream and imagine, so we can bring those imaginations to LIFE! anyway, Avatar was amazing, no?! I hope IMAX did it justice!

isn't it weird looking at old collections and see how far they've morphed as designers?! I adore V&R.