gun for a tongue

There are very few concerts I attend on a whim and actually enjoy the full 3 hours of (I had previously mentioned that MuteMath was an exciting surprise); and last week I had the pleasure of relishing in not two, but TEN very talented acts.

My good friend's sister, Kim, brought up "Ten out of Tenn" a few times to me. I honestly had no idea what it was and I went into it just wanting to hang out with my friend and Kim's family. I also had never been to a show at the Troubadour (of all people, I had never been!).

Turns out that Ten out of Tenn is exactly so: Ten musicians from Tennessee. But wait. Before you jump to conclusions, I didn't spend the night yawning and scratching my head to bluegrass. If I had not known each musician was from Tennessee, I would have guessed they were regular folks from Los Angeles who simply loved music, and maybe waited tables during the day just before they blew up or landed a song on Grey's Anatomy.

Every single one of the acts was extraordinary in his or her own way, but the one that caught my attention immediately after her performance was Australian musician Butterfly Boucher.

Her tale is a tumultous one--dropped from her label after they failed to promote her with any effort, despite capturing the eye of Sarah MacLachlan and touring alongside the music legend.

Now completely independent, Butterfly Boucher's sophomore album, "Scary Fragile" is probably closer to her heart, maybe a bit more edgy, maybe in the same way difficult to throw into one category. But as a fan of music surpassing specific genres, refusing to settle and conform, I will most definitely be keeping my eye on Butterfly Boucher.

Butterfly on stage with Andy Davis and Tyler James at Ten out of Tenn
Photo © Kim (used with permission)

"Gun for a Tongue" (live)

"Keeper" (studio)


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