neo-japanesque magic?! (part two)

And here's the rest of the kimono dress--how I created this dip-dye effect on the sleeve was by bleaching (with a sponge--WEAR GLOVES!!!) the edge of the sleeve by hand. I wanted a brushed effect so I used the sponge like a brush. Wash it out, let it dry. Then I used orange dye on the bleached section. Gently rinse it out and let dry. Finally, I painted my design. This is the most ridiculous amount of hand painting I have ever done on a cosplay (as of now, anyway); think I've painted enough sakura flowers to last me a lifetime.

I bought a charmeuse for the skirt lining--sewed on some lace trim that peeks out in the front, and lined the sleeves with this same charmeuse to hide some of the seams inside the sleeves.

The dress ties on the inside, and also on the outside, but will be covered by an obi (I ended up using the obi from my Alice:Madness Returns Oriental Dress and added a red cord).


Chris O. said...

That bias binding is amazing stuff. I'm so excited by how smooth the charmeuse trim is, and how the skirt doesn't pull and tug at the seam. Little stuff like this makes it look so masterfully crafted.

Excited to see more of your cosplays, and absorb your sewing/cosplay knowledge.

Unknown said...

wow,it looks very nice, I like the cosplay costume.

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