Mass Effect 3 - Kai Leng (mask)

I had some leftover Wonderflex after I cut out the armor for my Natsu cosplay, and since Wonderflex is between $30-$50 per sheet, I was not going to let any of this go to waste. I'm still drifting through my post-ME3 depression here, so I decided to make Kai Leng's eye mask. If you played the game you probably hate his guts but his facial gear looks pretty cool. I love the design and I thought it'd be a good opportunity to experiment with making masks!

This took me about 4 hours on and off because I got distracted by the ME3 multiplayer for an hour, hah. I also had to factor in time to let the glue and the paint dry.

FIRSTLY, I APOLOGIZE THAT ALL THESE PHOTOS ARE IPHONE PHOTOS. Half of them are Instagram'd but I forgot to charge the battery for my DSLR and wanted to work on this mask, randomly, my next post will have fancy DSLR photos again.

I drew a pattern on Illustrator with some measurements I made according to my face. I taped these patterns after I cut them out, onto my leftover sheet of Wonderflex. 

I knew I would be making the mask in layers, so I molded the "base" piece (which is what I considered the "black" piece to be) to my face. Using the heat gun I softened the Wonderflex and gently pressed the piece against the contours of my face. That's probably not the best thing to do but well, it worked for me. After that I just softened each layer and molded layer upon layer (painting the layer beneath it first, of course).

I painted a thin layer of gesso the base, but it might not have been a thick enough layer as Wonderflex naturally doesn't have a perfect, smooth surface--you can see the slightly textured surface of the Wonderflex despite the black paint.

Each layer is reinforced with tacky glue. As you can see I have some really fancy clamping tools.

I only used 3 colors of paint, starting with black as the base for each layer. Then I brushed a metallic gunmetal paint or a silver acrylic paint over the black to give the illusion of these pieces actually being some kind of metal. I find that metallic acrylic paints are always too transparent, and that painting a black base first will give more opacity to the metallic acrylic paint.

This concludes my explanation of how I made his eye mask ONLY. Doesn't include his entire face piece. I will eventually make that but it is heaps more complicated than just molding Wonderflex to MY FACE.

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