why katy perry would not approve of the new wonder woman

I've posted about superheroes before, and I sure as hell post a lot about costumes. I usually don't rant or complain about certain things, but I thought I just had to shed some light onto this currently very popular topic of discussion:

The "new" and "improved" look of Wonder Woman.

When I think of Wonder Woman, for some reason I also like to think of Katy Perry. I am not a huge fan of Katy's, but I WILL sing "Hot N Cold" and "I Kissed a Girl" before we get completely drunk at karaoke. AND BEFORE YOU get mad at me for linking the 2 together, I have very good reasons:

1. I wouldn't want to pick a fight w/ either of them.
2. Fluffy dark brown hair
3. Tall and fierce-looking
4. Generous rack
5. Nice legs
6. Fair skin

I think from what we've seen of Katy's ensembles, a bustier and hot pants are quite standard for Katy.

The hot pants aren't going anywhere.
L-R: Photos via celebrityphotos.sheknows.com, teamsugar.com, absoluteradio.co.uk

So now, let's take a look at this new Wonder Woman outfit, and why I believe Katy Perry would highly disagree with it.

I've juxtaposed my arguments with quotes from acclaimed writer J. Michael Stracynzki, via deadline.com.

Let's start from the top:

1. Did she kill Sailor Mars and jack her tiara? And then... glue the earring on top of the crystal to .. disguise her CRIME!!???

Poor girl.
Image via straferight.com

2. The jacket: "She can close it up to pass unnoticed...open it for the freedom to fight...lose the jacket or keep it on...it has pockets"
--Open it for the freedom to fight? So... it's like a half-costume? Is it like... Superman/Clark Kent? He has to wear his outfit underneath his suit? She can close it up to pass unnoticed? What if it's really hot outside? Leather jackets are not ... that easy to move in. Lose the jacket or keep it on? That's a lot of work. Are there only pockets in her jacket? Are there pockets in her boot-pants? Pant-boots? Whatever? Katy Perry doesn't wear jackets. I don't know where she puts anything either.

3. The bustier/bodysuit/thing: To the many female fans over the years who've asked "how does she fight in that thing..." I have some answers: a) metal boning. You can dance in those strapless dresses you wear to prom, right? b) Watch this video of Beyonce performing at the 2009 MTV Europe Awards [link - just skip to 2:30 and you'll see what I mean]. c) Last I checked, Katy Perry hasn't had a nip slip yet.

4. Her bracelets. Yay. They're still there. But what the hell, they're wrist-warmers. Those aren't bracelets. They don't match the rest of her outfit. They make her entire outfit look as though she forgot to take her crime-fighting outfit off when she went to pick up her kids after their soccer game. Katy hasn't over-accessorized to this point. Yet.

5. What the hell is this belt-thing that has a chain? So... she's trying not to be flashy (hence the leather jacket) but she'll wear a blingin' belt.. with a chain? At least when Katy blings, she's completely shiny.

MTV Video Music Awards 2009
Images via zimbio.com, aceshowbiz.com

6. Okay, I don't know where the boots start and the pants end. Boot-pants/Pant-boots are Rihanna territory.

Image via gofugyourself

7. The anklets. See #4 regarding over-accessorizing.

I think I liked it better when I questioned how certain heroines/villainesses fought in their seemingly skimpy outfits, but being that I've made some costumes (and had to figure out how to make them comfy and well-constructed), I... don't find it all that impractical now. I think we females deserve some credit for figuring out ways to wear some outrageous styles without flashing unnecessary body parts, and in the case of Wonder Woman, kick ass while rocking a unique, iconic style.


Anonymous said...

The "Chain" on her belt is the Lasso of Truth.


The Nerdy Bird said...

Thank you so much for this. The waist-high boots are what bother me the most. The only new thing I approve of are the straps on bustier.

calla said...

i was just looking at wonder woman images two days ago. i am also very disappointed in the new design. or lack thereof.

on another note, i like katy perry's strawberries.